BLACK PANTHA JEET KUNE DO COMBAT KUNG is a non-classical urban combat martial arts fighting method. A progressive direct, system of Kung Fu developed for real life situations placing emphasis on extreme explosive speed, power, maximum flexibility, awareness core balance and fitness conditioning.
BLACK PANTHA believes in working from the feet up, so we pay special attention on dynamic, attack footwork and quick evasive footwork, your mobility and balance. BLACK PANTHA Jeet Kune do Combat Kung Fu is influenced by Boxing icon and Three Times Heavyweight Champion of the World Mohammed Ali, and Jeet Kune do founder and Martial Arts Legend Bruce (Jun fan) Lee, incorporating techniques from Wing Chun, Jujitsu, Boxing, Savate, Muay Thai, Tai Chi, Fencing and Taekwondo, practiced within the philosophy and concept of Bruce Lee, the way of intercepting fist, fist before foot and non telegraphed movements.
Our training includes weapons defense and use, multiple attacker defense, street fight awareness, explosive fitness/ strength conditioning and bone conditioning. We also have semi and full contact sparring so that you can perfect your fighting skills and techniques and enhance your physical and mental ability to anticipate your opponent and to react instantly to his or her movements.
BLACK PANTHA JEET KUNE DO COMBAT KUNG FU is based on the principles, ideology, teachings and direction of Bruce (Jun fan) Lee.

We are now taking students from, Camden Town, Kentish Town, Archway, Holloway, Hampstead, Primrose Hill, Highgate, Swiss Cottage, Kilburn, Finsbury Park, Hackney, Hendon, Finchley, Regents Park, Angel, Highbury, Hornsey, Crouch End, Muswell Hill, Euston and Kings Cross.

For information on the classes please contact 07832 679879 07804907976

Beginners are very welcome to all our classes, Private lessons are also available.